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on 03/05/2013
So, I'm a male, 17 years of age, weigh about 67 kg and am about 1.80m. Since the age of about 15, I started getting acne. At the start it was never too severe, a few white heads every week, but blackheads all over. I went from dermatologist to dermatologist, trying over 20 products and spending an insanely large amount of money. Nothing worked. Finally, I got to a dermatologist who said they would put me on accutane, my course dosage was:<br/>Month 1: 20mg<br/>Month 2: 40mg<br/>Month 3: 60mg<br/>Month 4: 60mg<br/>Month 5: 60mg<br/>Month 6: 60mg<br/>During the course, my outbreaks were hideous. I had huge cysts all over my face, a new white head on a daily basis, and the black heads remained. Now, 4 months off the course, I get a white head every month or so, and no more cysts (thank god & accutane!). The side effects (shown below) were definitely annoying, but they're a price to pay for such perfect results.