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Terrible, didn't work at all. It may just not work for me, but it should have done something.
on 30/03/2015
I know this brand is pretty good, which leads me to expect a lot from it. I have dry skin, like so dry it flakes. I also have mild acne which is pretty well controlled and usually doesn't need any sort of treatment besides popping and clearing the blemish of any debris with a special tool...which I realize is not a great idea, but it works for me. So to combat the dry skin and perhaps even the acne I gave a small bottle of this a try. Upon using this as an all over treatment, it made me wake to six new small pimples after all was said and done. I also noticed my skin was a bit red, and back to being dry. So not only did it not moisturize but it caused acne. It didn't seem like it clogged my pores, but it certainly didn't do what it is supposed to. It was also very oily which was a major turn off. Like, it seemed it was 60% oil and the rest was whatever else they decided to put in. I really don't know what went wrong, but this is not for me. My mom also used this for a bit, but it made her break out. I have used the dark spot correcting cream (the pink colored one) and it didn't cause breakouts, so there is definitely something in here that doesn't agree with my skin...and my skin isn't even sensitive.<br/>Look elsewhere, like perhaps Olay or CeraVe if your skin tends not to agree with some moisturizers. I am disappointed in this product.
Terrible burning sensation, dry skin, worse than any other benzoyle peroxide product i've tried.
on 17/06/2013
I seriously doubt this product works as I've applied it to my face many times with no results. I just applied it to my face and applied dark spot corrector lotion over it and my face started burning, it feels worse than a sunburn. When I applied it earlier last week i got some under my eye and it irritated the skin so so badly it hurt to the touch. It also dried out my skin to the point where It would be like dandruff of the face. I would avoid this product, especially if your skin is sensitive, mine is not.
on 01/05/2013
Complete crap, this is a scrub with 8.5% benxoyl peroxide, not even maximum strength. i've used it and used it to no avail, got very minimal results. This is a waste of money in my opinion, and i had mild-moderate acne. however, it may work for some, but you may just be better of getting a 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment, that worked better for me.
on 01/05/2013
Combined with popping the pimples (and extracting all the pus) with a metal tool this brought my mild-moderate acne down to a minimum within 2 weeks. It is almost completely gone and i am very happy with the results. On it's own it doesn't work well, with a scrub it works ok but it's slow. Can't give 5 stars as it doesn't work well on it's own.