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on 29/04/2013
Tetracycline is an opportunity to start over. Acne causes acne. It's very hard to rid yourself of it naturally, as in through diet and regular facial cleansings, once you already have it severely. Clogged pores constrict the pores around it, causing more acne. It's a vicious cycle. Tetracycline is like a reset button. It gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start and really change your lifestyle to ward off future acne. You are what you eat. Figure out what your triggers are and remove them from your diet. Sodas, excessive dairy consumption, greasy foods, etc. Occasional exercise, or going to the saunae once or twice a month will also help greatly. Sweat the bad stuff out, because we're all bound to indulde in some quesionable foods occasionally. And of course, wash your face thoroughly, sensitively, every day. Wash your hands often, don't touch your face, change your pillow case often, etc. Tetracycline is not a niracle drug, but it allows for you to start fresh. Also, be very aware that you must dose down from anything over 500mg a day. Acne resurgence will be significantly reduced if you build down your intake. If you are currently taking two pills/capsules a day, start taking just one a day for a week or two, then one every other day, until you're at one a week for a few weeks. This way your body rebuilds it's natural defensive mechanisms before becoming solely responsible for warding off skin inflammations again. If you use it sensibly, Tetracycline can put a permanent end to bad acne.