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on 28/04/2013
A terrible, horrible product! My brother bought the one with 5% benzoyl peroxide but it dried his skin out, so he gave it to me. I used a tiny amount, around half a pea sized drop, and spread it only on my forehead and nose (where my acne is severe) and avoided the sensitive area around my eyes, mouth and cheeks. I did this once a day for two days, and used no other product besides moisturizing lotion. After the second day, I noticed that my skin was a bit itchy and my eyelid was a little droopy feeling. However, I dismissed it and boy was that a mistake! I woke up the next morning to barely being able to open my eyelids they were so swollen! My face was hot and burning and itchy, but at the same time slightly numb! I tried washing my face with just water and my skin had the texture of cottage cheese, and I could barely move my face. After trying to endure the feeling of a severly burned and itchy face, I went to the hospital and even the doctor was frightened by what happened to my face. It was a traumatizing experience. however i did notice that all my acne was gone lol.