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Works, but is slow.
on 06/09/2013
I was prescribed this and the first two ish weeks it made me feel really sick, but i stuck with it and I still use it now after 5 months. It does help with the size of your pimples and what not, but it never cleared me completely, so I'm using it in conjunction with other topicals. I noticed a lot within the first 2 months with how my big pimples became a tad smaller and right now I still break out about 3 spots each time, but they're not big and are almost gone after 4 days of getting them.
Awful, expensive, and it bites you in the ass later
on 10/07/2013
I had used it for almost 2 years thinking that it was working, which it did for a while, but then my face started getting worse. It made my face extremely dry, flaky, red, sensitive, and horrendous looking without makeup. In December 2012 I decided to stop completely and in the next few months I started getting cystic acne and it was the worst break out of my entire life. I really regret using proactiv my skin is still way too sensitive and it's July.