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on 11/03/2015
I'm super happy with this cleanser. I've tried many so-called "gentle" cleansing brands before such as Boscia, philosophy, origins... I found them all super drying. I have combination skin and this cleanser instantly makes my skin feel balanced and calm. When my skin is breaking out it has a soothing effect after washing. Will keep purchasing this product! I use it in combination with Dermalogica's gentle exfoliant cream (glycolic/lactic acid) twice a week.
on 26/04/2013
I told myself that I would write a review when I found a product that works. I'm 26 years old and have had acne since my early 20's, which has gotten progressively worse every year. This past year, I was getting several new cystic pimples every day and felt completely hopeless. I tried proactiv, expensive products such as kate somerville, retinoid creams, every brand of salycylic acid face wash out there, you name it.... and nothing seemed to work. Finally I was prescribed Benzaclin and within a week my face was starting to heal. It's been over a month and I have not had a single new pimple! I actually feel normal again. My face is soft, smooth and even. I LOVE this product and wish I had discovered it sooner. If you can relate to my suffering with acne, do not hesitate to try this product!!! Side note - there were some itchy dry side effects at first. They do go away, just use in tiny little amounts with lots of moisturizer. Your skin will adapt.