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on 26/04/2013
Proactiv and any of its knock offs do not work. Try zapzyt with moisterizer, its 1/4 of the cost and works in a week, where as you could spend $40 a month on proactiv and never really see results.
on 26/04/2013
I've been using Zapzyt (with some generic face moisterizer) for not even a week and already my acne is almost completely healed.<br/>That's impressive seeing as I've tried everything out there, including the stupid proactive system and several of its far the only other sucessful treatment was taking 3 pills a day (which made me sick) combined with 2 different prescription face creams (one of which cost $90 for a three ounce bottle and made my skin boil in sunlight like a pasty vampire) used faithfully for 3+ months before I saw any huge difference.<br/>Quite a difference from the $5 over the counter cream that works twice as well.<br/>Again, make sure you use a good moisterizer too to prevent too much drying.