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on 25/04/2013
I use this on giant cysts to get them to come to a head faster over night. Every pimple that I've put this on has come to a head faster. It does not make them disappear overnight.
on 25/04/2013
I DO NOT use this as an all over toner but as a spot treatment. I apply immediately and it puts a halt to active acne. Cysts sometimes stop growing but this has not always been the case. I also apply after popping any pimples to clear it of bacteria. Sometimes it's better just to let the cyst grow and pop and heal to be done with it but if you've got an important day ahead of you and can't deal with that red, scarred crater that comes with popping on your face then this is what I would recommend you use.
on 25/04/2013
I used Proactiv from age 12 to 14. It did nothing to help my acne once I started getting cysts.<br/>This is a product for mild acne due to enviromental factors and not for hormonal acne.