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on 29/05/2013
I was feeling really uneasy on this product, mostly due to it's visual presentation and the way it was advertised. The product was inexpensive but wasn't too cheap either. I got it delivered to my door and it came in a small 50g jar. I was really skeptic on the product but I had nothing to lose so I just went with it. The guarantee it offered in the site seemed too good to be true too. So I opened the jar, It smelled kind of awful, and the cream had a jelly-like consistency with it. It felt weird and sort of greasy on my face. I left the cream on overnight as instructed and woke up with what seemed to be a miracle. Literally, almost all my bumps.. say around 80% of all bumps just vanished. All whiteheads were gone, only thing left were the ones that didn't form a head. Redness was reduced also. I was a bit afraid of this product. HOW did this work? I have no clue, but it did. The company seemed really confident with their guarantee, and the product seemed to have lived up to expectations. This product is amazing, and will shock you within the first few days upon use. I can't be sure if it would work for you, but it did for me. :)
on 23/04/2013
I prefer the natural and pure variation in bar format than this stuff. This product just wasn't for me. Try it if you think It might work for you, but I'm staying away from this.
on 23/04/2013
My recommendation should be the least of your concern because this medication is to be recommended and prescribed by your doctor or derm. For me it works great. Give it a try if you're offered the chance!
on 23/04/2013
It could work for you, But even if it does, you're better off buying something that's twice as effective and even cheaper than this stuff. Don't let the commercials and endorsements fool you!