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on 19/04/2013
I really don't like this stuff because of the reasons above. It dries out my face and causes a lot of redness to my very sensitive skin, it's hard to remove, and when you do remove it requires so much friction that it irritates my skin even further. More than that, it takes a while to work, I normally see results in about a week.
on 19/04/2013
I don't understand why everybody is saying this foundation looks cakey, I think they may just be using too much of the product, because even with my (healing) acne and scars, my skin looks nearly flawless and pretty natural with this on, and I am SO happy that it doesn't break me out, which is a huge con for me in foundations.
on 19/04/2013
The extremely uneven balance of pros vs. cons shows how great this moisturizer is, the only change I would give it is lowering the price. But I really just want to marry this stuff, it's amazing.