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on 11/07/2013
I first discovered using green tea topically when watching one of Bubzbeauty's videos. Ever since then, it's been my go to mask/exfoliant and I 100% swear by it. First I start off by using my daily cleanser, Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser to clean my face and remove any dirt and oils. Then I take my green tea bag, rip off the top and shake the tea leaves out into a small bowl. I then mix this with some Manuka Honey (approximately 1 tsp) and then apply this to my face. I use it as an exfoliant first because I find it works better than any exfoliant that i've ever used, and then I leave it on for about 5 minutes as a mask. I do this regimine about 2 times a week. Definitely recommend to everyone!
on 21/04/2013
I love this product! I started using this half a year ago when a friend recommended it and I decided to give it a shot. At that time, my scars were pretty dark and I had alot of acne (which kept scarring my face) but after about a month my skin lightened up and my scars faded! I am so happy with the results and although I get new scars from my acne, bio oil helps to get rid of them as well as my old scars. Recommending this to everyone - its so cheap and effective!
on 20/04/2013
I started using this about 3 years ago about 3-4 times a week but I stopped because it made my skin red and painful after usage. It still made my skin feel great but the pain wasn't worth it. This year I found my old tube sitting in my bathroom draw and decided to use it again. It felt amazing because it removed so many whiteheads and blackheads and left my skin feeling soft and less bumpy. The bottom line is, don't use it too many times a week, 1-2 times is enough for great results! Recommend this for people without sensitive skin :)
on 20/04/2013
I've used this overnight lotion for more than a year and it's made my skin alot better! Although it doesn't get rid of my large pimples, overnight it manages to shrink and dry up, and sometimes completely get rid of my small-medium sized pimples. The 2% salicylic acid isn't too strong and doesn't affect my sensitive skin. I really like this product as it works effectively overnight so I can feel better about my face in the morning. Definitely recommend this product!
on 19/04/2013
I'm 16 years old and started developing acne when I was around 12. It started on my forehead but then moved down to my chin and cheeks as I grew older. The acne on my forehead disappeared due to diet, but the amount of acne on my chin and cheeks was embarrassing. My mum found Vitamin B5 and told me to take it, I mean why not - it was worth a shot. Within days the amount of acne I had went down and I felt so much better! I took around 4 x 500 mg and its stopped almost all my breakouts! Definitely recommend this :)