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on 12/04/2013
Total whammy! I got this sucker around $6, and good god I was impressed! I have combination skin, and I've been using the Clean&Clear spot treatment, and oh boy my skin has never been clearer! The only thing is you have to take lightly to the water tempature, how long you wet your face, and how long you wash/how hard. This stuff is pretty tough espeacially if you're harsh with your skin using hot water, roughly washing which I had a problem with at first, but when I started lightly rubbing it in in circular motions for 15-20 seconds, then rinsing for 20 seconds, I noticed how clean my skin was getting! This stuff will not get rid of pimples, it will prevent them, IF used correctly, and used ten hours apart. I recommend this!
on 12/04/2013
Hello! I have moderate acne, which will inflame monthly, and I have found great use in this product! Other then the high risk of overusing, it's a very decent product for a low price. I even carry this bad boy around at school, if I notice a pimple I just wipe a dab, across it, and almost instantly the inflammation/redness, will disappear. Like any product this will not instantaneously cure all acne, depending on your skin sensitivity, and type which can be found out here; [link removed]<br/>I have combination, and have found this product very useful. Recommended!