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  1. The seborrheic dermatitis thread

    This seborrheic dermatitis,everything fails... I finally decided to use the xolegel ,ketoconazole 2% gel , hard to apply but I think it's worth it! The gel is expensive, but if you have insurance go to the official website and download a coupon or get one from the doctor, it's about $20. Wash with cetaphil antibacterial soap and then wait for the skin to dry, then apply the gel, I do it twice a day . I take oregano oil 3/5 drops under the tongue to bypass the liver(I read about that online) I also started on blue ice royal blend fermented cod liver oil concentrated butter oil ,cinnamon tingle gel from green pasture,it's expensive though. I started the cod liver oil, since my mom used to give me that as a child. I will let you know how it goes. That's it, keeping it simple! Best wishes to all!
  2. The seborrheic dermatitis thread

    Hello guys ...long time ,no hear .... An update .... It has been really hard to treat hormonal acne due to hypothyroidism ,plus this eczema ,seborrheic dermatitis . I got fed up with antibiotics. Ditched everything , ended up using cetaphil antibacterial soap and listerine the blue one cool mint as a toner ,temoved with water, didn't left on skin ,funny , well removed cysts from my face,I didn't know they had a home on it. My moisturizer ,...oils Coconut oil and castor oil ( organic) Also my Natralia eczema psoriasis cream. I stopped the listerine since it removed most of my acne and oils. Right now... Cleansing day and night Cetaphil antibacterial soap Natralia eczema and psoriasis cream, has to be shaken before applying . To treat my acne or red bumps that want to flare, some drops of oregano oil all over the face, no rubbing , just patting , on top of the eczema cream. Decided to start oregano oil , 3 drops under tongue as antibiotic , just for awhile. Hair ,scalp ,Garnier shampo grow strong ,mostly shampoo ,...conditioner sometimes only to the ends of the hair, never the scalp. Castor oil on scalp. I did some research on oils and found some good ones on Amazon if you want the names let me know. This is what I'm doing and this is what it has been working for me, I'm not saying you have to use it. Regarding the listerine , it's really good for toenail fungus ,soaking the feet diluted with water and a little bit of distilled white vinegar, I know this because my sister used it like this and it worked, it takes time though. Oregano oil can even be used as a spot treatment on razor bumps . And listerine too. I hope you guys are doing well, take care!
  3. Redness/irritated appearance on face

    I agree ...mild rosacea?
  4. what type of problem do i have?

    Could it be some infection from shaving ? Beginning of folliculitis ? Have it checked by a doctor or dermatologist.