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on 17/05/2013
Upon entering college, I got bad acne. Not a day went by when I wouldn't look in the mirror and hate my skin, especially since I had beautiful skin all through high school. I tried countless cleansers, toners, spot treatments, and none worked at all. Then I remembered that I used this scrub in high school, with great results. So I picked this up, and within three days my acne was gone. My skin hasn't been this clear in months. It works as advertised, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It doesn't dry it out, and I have very dry skin, so that's saying something. Pick up this product, maybe it'll work wonders for you as well.
on 06/05/2013
This stuff is pretty expensive, especially for the size of the bottle. But I love Cetaphil products, and I think it's worth the price! I still have acne but the number of pimples I'm getting has greatly reduced. I've been using it for a month, and only got one pimple all month! I still have scarring on my cheeks, and it's taking its sweet time to heal up. I will keep using this, because my skin is sensitive and dry, and this gentle cleanser is great for what my skin needs. Try it out!
on 09/04/2013
I use this product 3 times a week, as per the instructions on the bottle. After I wash it off, my skin feels smooth and relaxed. Using this, along with Dove Sensitive Skin soap, my acne issues are decreasing more and more every day. Great product.
on 09/04/2013
Let me tell you, this product is a breath of fresh air. After using harsh multi-step acne products all through high school, it feels so nice to wash my face with this simple, yet effective soap. This works for me because I am well passed puberty and just need something simple to wash my face with to keep it clean. I doubt it will work for people with severe acne. But give it a try! I love it.
on 23/03/2013
Initially I liked this product. The foam really made my face feel clean and fresh. But it strips your face of all its oil, even the good ones, and leaves your face dry and exposed. It did a good job at preventing breakouts, but did very little to treat existing ones. I only recommend for people with oily skin. Stay away from this if your skin is dry.