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on 09/04/2013
I had previously reviewed this and loved it. I had stopped using it to try Bare Minerals which was a big mistake. I then used Physicians Formula for a long time which was good for my skin but the color was never right. I went back to this foundation about a month ago & remember why I loved it so much to begin with. the color match is great, it doesn't break me out, its super easy to apply and lasts all day. I would 100% recommend this to anyone with breakout prone skin. Its my HG foundation!
on 09/04/2013
I had used this for a year awhile back and stopped because I thought it was irritating my skin. I recently used it again because the color match is so good and I thought my skin might handle it better this time. No way! It gave me a bunch of white bumps and broke me out. I use Dan's Regimen and the normal formula was too drying and the matte didn't dry me out ,but broke me out. No good choice here. I now use Maybelline Pure Stay which is a really great product for me!!
on 09/04/2013
I started using this when I had to stop Duac because of being pregnant. I tried to do natural acne treatments but they didn't work and when my doctor told me this was okay I went for it. My skin was a mess and I noticed this clearing up acne right away. It did take a good 8-9 weeks for my skin to clear up completely and for the post-acne redness to fade. This a great product and I will continue using it post baby! I also used Cetaphil gentle cleanser and Cetaphil lotion with this product.