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on 09/04/2013
I had a hard time finding a review that seemed to cover all the bases when I was debating going back on spironolactone. So here is my review.. I hope to help someone looking for answerers. So Last summer starting at the end of August I was prescribed Spironolactone, doxycycline, and epiduo gel. I didn't use the gel much but I took the pills everyday like I was prescribed. 75 MG of spironolactone a day and 100 MG of doxycycline. My acne just got a lot worse and I had it in places where I never really broke out (which seems to be pretty common) the breakouts were near my jaw, chin, cheeks, and neck. Which seemed strange because those areas are a popular area for hormonal acne. (and hormonal acne is what spiro is suppose to help with). Nonetheless it made mine worse. I was on it for a month or two..I'm not sure exactly how long it was, at the time the pimply days just seemed like forever but now looking back I think it was less than two months. Anyways, I stopped taking it because I thought it just wasn't the pill for me. While I was off the medication my initial breakout that I got from spiro went away but my skin was still not the clear skin I was seeking out in the first place. In February, after reading MANY reviews that mentioned an initial breakout I decided I would give it another try. So its been roughly 1.5 months and my skin had improved a lot. Within the first 3 weeks I may have experienced a small initial breakout but nothing like the first time. I still had slightly irritated skin within that time as well. However my skin is glowing now. I still have a few pimples but nothing like before and I am still in the beginning phase so I know I will still see improvement. I am also on tretinoin cream as well. I should also mention I am not taking the doxy.. I just don't feel I needed it and plus now I have a backup when a UTI hits me hard. ANYWAYS. Spironolactone works, maybe not for everyone but for many it does. If you look through the revi