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on 09/04/2013
I know this is hailed as a miracle cure, and I have no doubt that it works for 95% of people--but do yourself a favor before you try this out and test it on your skin first before being an idiot like me and slathering it all over your face.<br/>This is just a warning, not a review against using the honey mask.<br/>Apparently I'm topically allergic to honey. Who knew? My forehead was always clear and smooth, but after two nightly uses of honey, I broke out there. Pimples were not a big deal to get rid of, it's the scars that are the worst for me (I have medium-gold skin tone). My face also became inflamed, red, and itchy immediately after smearing it on. I did buy raw local honey, too, so it's not as though it was processed crap.<br/>For those 5 percent of you who discover you're allergic, try some lemon juice applied topically. It reversed the allergic reaction quickly, and is fading my scars and shrinking my cysts.