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on 05/04/2013
Before I went on accutain I had tried EVERYTHING... constant Cremes, Benzyol Proxide, 3 different antibiotics, retin A Creme... you name it I used it. None of these things really worked for me; it would only suppress my acne. BTW.. I should inform everyone on here that I never had awful acne, I had moderately severe acne that I was sick of dealing with. I finally decided to go on accutain and I will admit I was really scared. Thr first two months were rough not going to lie; after those two months my face started looking better and better. Now I have NO acne on my face just a couple on my back... it really is AMAZING. Don't let anyone stop you from taking this medication... it works and no one should suffer with acne!!! I have one more month so lets hope I get 100% clear!! I'm at about 88%.