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on 05/04/2013
This is the best thing that ive found for my acne. I am 23, and ive had acne since i was 13. I've tried everything. Prescriptions, proactiv, murad, every drug store wash and cream. I have cystic acne, plus the small blemishes and a sea of blackheads to match. As strange as it sounds, this really does work! I've been applying urine topically for 3 days, twice a day, and its already working wonders! The large cystic spots have come to the surface (which usually takes almost a month), my smaller bumps are literally gone, and my face has been less oily and it feels very soft. Also, the redness from the cysts and some scars have lightened up a lot.I really can't believe its working. My boyfriend actually already noticed a difference, but I haven't told him about the pee yet. Haha. I've been using a cotton ball dipped in urine in the morning and at night. I let the first application sit for 5 mins and then do a second application. I don't rinse it off. I've been using only a sugar scrub and water to wash and exfoliate before I apply the urine.<br/>Seriously, if you're out of options, just give it a try. Its free and you don't have to shout it out that youre trying it. I wish I would have known this would work years ago. Thanks for reading :)