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on 03/04/2013
DO NOT BUY PROACTIV IF YOU ARE A SMART PERSON WHO DOESNT WANT TO PAY A COMPANY FOR A FACE FULL OF PIMPLES. NO THANKS<br/>Words cannot describe how enraged and scammed that I feel. I have had acne since elementry school. after seeing how 'magical' proactive is cracked up to be i decided to order it. So yeah at first it worked. And then youre like oh yeah!!! Found the secret! But no gullible consumers that is not the case. Proactive worked. Then stopped working. And thats when the nightmare starts. It really just irritated my skin so bad that it broke me out all over my cheeks (i never had breakouts there). Now im ashamed to walk out of the house and my self esteem has tanked below zero. I have such anger for proactiv that i made an account on this website to let yall know so you wont end up like me. It was theft thats what it was. Youre dependant on their stupid system that doesnt end up working long term... and then when you go off it to try something else you get a whole party of shhiiiit on your face.