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Ziana Gel works slowly
on 05/07/2013
In stark contrast to some of these reviews - I'm neither negatively or positive shocked by this product. It hasn't been a miracle drug by any measure, as it's taken a near eternity to make a noticeable difference in my skin. I would say it took about 3 months (in conjunction with Solodyn) for breakouts to subside dramatically. If you are suffering with little, non-painful bumps, Ziana will not help. The product is generally not prescribed for spot treatment and is typically applied to the entire face, so the medication can spread under the skin and prevent surface breakouts. I'm wholly unsure whether this is effective against painful cystic acne, but I have noticed that it tends to lessen its severity a bit. Strangely enough, my skin seems to be developing worse hyper pigmentation in my course of Ziana. Use at your own discretion.