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on 27/04/2013
This BP is the best I have ever bought.. It goes on so easily and doesn't really sting as much as the others. It also dries clear and has been working wonders for my face in only a short while! I will only use this BP from now on.. Thanks!
on 27/04/2013
This product has amazed me!!!! I have only been using it a week and my skin is already so clear. I don't think I could ever be without it now.
on 14/04/2013
I have been taking 50mg a day for about a month and have noticed little changes. It helps but isnt a cure so be patient. You may have to take more than the reccommended amount as well... which can be harmful.
on 29/03/2013
I put 2 drops if lavender oil in my moisturizer at night and noticed a difference in the redness of my pimples. Other than that it didn't do much else. Still a very good product though.
on 29/03/2013
I love Cetaphil! I was not left disappointed. This product works for me and I use it as my cleanser in my regimen routine.
on 29/03/2013
I love using natural products. Before I started the regimen I used tea tree oil day and night to dry up breakouts. It worked but dried it too much in the end. The best natural product I have found for my acne though.
on 29/03/2013
I have been taking doxycycline 50mg/day for about a month now and I have noticed little results but not dramatic. I have two months left and am rather worried my acne will come back worse.
on 29/03/2013
I drink 1 cup a day before bed. It's calming and tastes great. I feel if I was to drink about 3 - 4 cups a day I might see a bigger difference.. but I am not a big tea drinker.
on 26/03/2013
This product is good. I use it day and night and it helps drying out my acne.. I am considering finding a new cleanser though but I'm not sure yet.
on 26/03/2013
I have been using this product for 5 years on and off. It is the best cleanser I have tried! I love Cetaphil.