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Its alright.... not that bad...
on 06/06/2013
Its really good. Been using it for about 6 weeks now for the shower and it lathers up extremely extremely well. The smell is quite nice too. However, the only thing i have a problem with it is that water can get in the bottle. It dilutes it, and it makes the supposed 'gel' literally like water. Its really annoying. Initially it was great. 1 pump=1 facewash, but now its like, 4 pumps= 1 facewash cuz the 'gel-water' keeps running out of my hand before i can lather it properly. Especially hard in the shower!<br/>However, setting that aside... It hasn't irritated my skin, but i have noticed that its made my skin a bit dry.<br/>Except for the badly engineered bottle... its an overall good product!
Cleanance K- Pretty good... and this is coming from a guy...
on 06/06/2013
Background: I've always had problems with my skin. I've never gotten clear on ANYTHING, and i've gone on accutane, minomycin (or whatever the hell that antibiotic was), differin and the over the counter stuff too. Then i found this little beaut. I've been on the regimen before, and it worked, but then i got the measles, and the BP seemed to be wreaking sudden havoc on my face so i stopped and never went back on again (cuz i was reluctant to start all over again), and this was the only thing that SEMI worked for me. I was a bit skeptical at first, cuz it looked like a chick product, and was pretty pricey but i went with it anyway and im glad i did! Its normally pretty pricey, especially for a small quantity of 40mL, but if you live in Australia like i do go to ChemistWarehouse and get it there for 20 bucks! It can be up to 30 bucks at some places...<br/>What it is: So basically, its a cream/gel. Its not thick persay, but its got a unique texture, and it has a sort of vinegary smell which can sometimes bother people but it doesnt bother me. Its rich in BHAs and AHAs... and its an exfoliant. It works by instead of killing the acne like BP does, it instead works on the basis of PREVENTION. Since acne is from clogged pores, due to its very high BHA and AHA's, it unclogs these pores and stops the pimple from forming all together. Its from France, made there with the Avene spring water which is scientifically proven to improve skin (and the water apparently has been used to treat skin conditions for AGES... but then again that was the brochure so... *shrugs*), and you apply it at night after youve brushed your teeth, and cleansed, and about to go to sleep.<br/>My experience so far: At first i didn't notice much improvement on my acne. It did reduce it a little, but the main effect i saw was how smooth my face was. it was nice and supple, no dehydration at all, and it was perfectly moisturised.<br/>I'm on week 10 of it, and ive seen some pretty good changes! At first, it didnt really do anything to stop future acne. I still got my breakouts (and i was devastated), but the thing i noticed was that my acne scars were disappearing quickly. So i was happy to a certain extent. Then came about maybe week 5? I stopped getting acne on my right cheek, but still on my left (it also seemed like the left cheek acne kept coming... i dont know why. im weird). and throughout week 7-9 my right side still got some pimples, except like... very minor ones, and the scars there disappeared, while my left side still broke out. Its only now that i think my left side has gotten better. Its gotten to the same stage my right side got to in the week 4 stages. I've noticed less breakouts (although i still get some), but its clearing pretty good so far.<br/>Conclusion: Great product. Their range is really good and would probably work with people with light acne to moderate. I have oily, very reactive skin... so i guess it only semi works for me. Im still using it, but it hasn't FULLY cleared my acne. It takes TIME to work, so dont go all devastated on it and throw it away when u dont see results in a week... its REALLY GENTLE! Its the only head over BP so far. Its super gentle, and feels wonderful in the morning to a soft and supple face. However, with that being said, it doesnt clear acne for me... so i might start using it with a combination of BP and Cleanance K. I'm yet to start, but i will be writing a diary about it, so look out for it in my channel.<br/>So bottom line... Im happy with it. the 10 weeks were not wasted in my opinion, and 1 tube lasted me those 10 weeks. so... 2 dollars/week? SO WORTH IT. It regulated my oily skin, and it moisturised well. Definitely a keeper. AND THIS IS ALL COMING FROM A GUY SO YOU SHOULD TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT TOO!