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i am clear.
on 10/01/2014
While I was recovering from anorexia nervosa, I developed moderate cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. It was painful and humiliating; it only drove my already introverted self to stay in and hide away from the world. I felt like a monster and I avoided looking at myself in the mirror for weeks at a time. About 7 months ago I started taking spironolactone, 100mg…probably the best decision ever. Not gonna lie though, the first three months were hell. I got an initial breakout that was pretty brutal, and I was chronically fatigued for those months. Also, I would get my period twice a month. But all of those negative symptoms dissipated as time went on. I began seeing real results around the 5th month. The key with spiro is BE PATIENT! It took a while but the results are so worth it that i would do it again in a heartbeat. My skin is smooth and completely clear (although i do get a random little spot rarely..gone very fast) and so is this acne on my back! It feels so good to wash my face and just feel…nothing. No pain, just smooth skin, everywhere. The only thing I dislike about this medicine is that it is just a temporary fix. If you stop taking it for a couple of weeks you will break out again.. but if you are desperate for hope and change like I was then I say go for it!<br/>Tips: Drink a lot more water than you're used to. this medication will make you thirsty. If you are drinking alcohol make sure to drink EXTRA water because Spiro is a diuretic and it has the potential to dehydrate you.<br/>Sleep at least 8 hours a day. seriously. You will become a zombie for 3 months if you don't.