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Wish I loved This
on 08/12/2016
When my acne was at it worst I wanted this foundation so bad, but couldn't afford it on my college budget. When I finally splurged the lightest shade was way to orange for me. I still gave it a shot though and wore it.<br/>This foundation is full coverage, every acne sufferers dream. This made my skin look smooth and it did stay put. However, it was so hard to get all the way off. If I sleep in any makeup, I will break out within the next two days. It would also rub off onto everything even with setting powder.<br/>I wanted to love this but it's just to hard to get off and the shade is way off. Not worth the price when it doesn't work for me.
Beware If Sensitive
on 08/12/2016
In high school I loved the oily/combo formula. I also didn't understand makeup and that could've been why I had breakouts in the first place.<br/>I decided to try this because I ran out both my favorite foundations. Too Faced Born This Way and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea. Both were out of stock at Sephora in my shades. I picked this up in the Dry/ Combo formula because my skin is dry.<br/>My acne had been under control before I put this on my face. I had no breakouts, my scars were clearing up. Most of this was due to lifestyle changes and finding makeup that might be more expensive but better ingredients. After one day of this I broke out on my neck, jawline, cheeks, and even my forehead (where I don't ever have a problem). However, this was all I had I kept wearing it. Even took it on vacation with me. The pimples were painful under the skin. My skin hadn't looked this bad in a while. When I got home I had my other foundation and just one day of not wearing this, my skin calmed down and started to heal.<br/>I don't know what in this foundation did this, but I'm never putting this near my skin again.
Best thing I've used in 14 years
on 28/10/2016
I've had acne/ eczema since I was 10. There have been years where it has calmed down but also years where it's full blown cystic acne. Birth control did help so between 16-21 my skin was decent. I had to stop the pill due to other health reasons and I swear over night my skin went from fine to extremely dry and full of all kinds of zits, whiteheads, milia, cysts. Nothing worked except changing my diet. I cut our most animal products and slowly saw an improvement this year. But I was still getting acne and had dry spots. Lately I've been having digestion issues and my vitamin D level was checked. Vitamin D is not part of normal blood test. Turns out my level 12 when 30 is normal. I was told it would've taken years to get that low. There are lots of health complications associated with Vitamin D deficiency one of them is unbalanced hormones which equals skin problems.<br/>Six weeks ago I began taking a vitamin D supplement. The first week my skin went from extremely dry to extremely oily (something I'm not used to) but I didn't try to dry it out like old me would've done. I sticked with my normal skincare routine and haven't changed any makeup. It's been six weeks and this morning when I looked in the mirror I actually saw my skin. I only have about two active zits on my face and they are normal whiteheads. Yes, I have lots of scars, but my skin actually looks healthy. I have six weeks left on my high dose prescription of vitamin D then my levels get checked.<br/>I encourage anyone with acne to get vitamins and minerals checked. Acne is a result of inflammation somewhere in the body not bad hygiene.
My Favorite Cleanser
on 28/04/2015
I have very sensitive acne prone skin that tends to be more on the dry side. I love Angels on Bare Skin because it balances my skin. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or greasy. It also doesn't leave my skin very red like everything else does. I also don't have to pack on a ton of moisturizer after this because it leaves my skin so soft. I love this and highly recommend this if you're struggling with similar acne to me.
Good, but not great
on 28/04/2015
This is probably my favorite cleanser form the drugstore. It really does clean deep and at first it left my skin very smooth. However after about three months of use, it just dried my skin out so much that it was causing more pimples. If you are really oily this may be better suited for you. Also the product was consistent. Sometimes it would be very foamy, and other times it would be very liquidly.
My Favortie Thing For Pimples
on 28/04/2015
I've tried every spot treatment out there and I'm allergic to almost all of them. The only one I don't seem to have a bad reaction from is SA, but it dries out my skin very bad. Tea Tree oil is the only spot treatment that works for me. There are a few rules that need to be followed using it though<br/>1.) Make sure its 100 Percent Organic Tea Tree Oil, not one of those things you buy at cosmetics stores; they usually way over charge for much less of a product.<br/>2.) Do a patch test<br/>3.) Only apply to active pimples, not let over marks and definitely not all over your face.<br/>4.)Cleanse, tone, and moisturize before. Using moisturizer before a spot treatment will prevent extra dryness. Also if you are very sensitive, dilute in a carrier oil or with water.<br/>5.) This is not an overnight cure, there is no overnight miracle cure to acne. Be patient.
Relief... Finally!
on 11/05/2014
I've always suffered from acne ever since puberty. I've never had clear skin until last year when I used honey consistently. About eight months ago I had some health problems and had to stop taking my BCP. Within a few short weeks my clear skin erupted. It got very dry and itchy. For the first time in my life, I had cystic acne. I was in denial and thought I could fix it with natural products because that worked before... but eventually I decided to see a derm.<br/>I was first prescribed a low does of 65 mg and spiro. At my six week follow up, my skin was a lot better, but I was still wasn't happy with it. He upped Solodyn to 105 mg and added aczone for the active acne on my face. Its only been two weeks but finally I'm seeing results. I've only had one new pimple since the change and its on the side my neck (easy to cover). I'm glad to finally have relief!
Best Mask I've Ever Used!
on 11/05/2014
I've bought tons of face masks in my day and never really liking any of them. I have sensitive skin and usually they just irritate my problem even more. I usually use my own homemade honey mask, however it takes a while to see results with that.<br/>This mask feels cool and refreshing on my skin and it deep cleans really well! It helps heal problem zits very fast and also help lighten post-acne marks. The best thing about it (Other the delicious peppermint smell) is that it doesn't dry out the skin. It leaves it super soft w/o needing a ton of moisturizer.<br/>Pros: Deep cleans, helps breakouts, fades post-acne marks.<br/>Con: Its very messy
Helped with acne but dried out my skin and made me sick
on 30/05/2013
A few years ago when my acne was very severe I went to a dermatologist and requested accutane but was told to try this first. First of course I broke out worse the first month, then my acne started to clear up. However, this drug made me very sick. Even though I would make sure to take this on an empty, I threw up constantly and always had stomach pains. It also made my sensitive skin very dry. I now only use natural remedies for my skin problems and have had great results.
on 26/05/2013
The problem people seem to make about scrubs is that they use it way to much. This product is for exfoliation and should only be used once-twice a week or it will damage your skin. It has does wonders for my acne prone skin. I use this once or twice a week depending on how oily or unclean my skin is feeling. My face is almost completely clear and I don't have anymore blackheads.