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Great moisturizer for dried out acne product skin
on 27/06/2013
I haven't noticed any anti blemish activity with this, I didn't use it very long. I was using retinol which was disasterous for my skin, red, peely, flakey and extremely dry. This emu oil was the only reason I could use retinol. My acne got sooo bad. I'm fairly positive it was the retinol because it was happening before the use of emu oil. I've ditched the retinol forever. I'm using salicylic acid 30% peels. I keep it on my face for about and hour once a week, and apply my 10% glycolic acid lotion afterwords. In addition to that I use BP everyday. I've had to go to 5% because of the dryness of the acids. But my face is still dry!, I put half emu oil half green tea moisturizer iny hands and apply it to my face at night. It is SSOOO silky, and the tight stretched feeling going away ASAP. I wouldn't say it's greasy as much as I'd say it is an extraordinary moisturizer. If I were to use during the day under makeup I'd use only 2 or so drops. My skin feels like silk right now.... I love it!