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Best form of tretinoin you can use!
on 21/01/2015
Tretinoin is clinically proven to clear acne. The formulation of the drug is extremely important, and Atralin is formulated PERFECTLY. A .05 concentration of tretinoin isn't too strong, or too weak. Instead of other gels which have alcohol denat in them (which can be irritating), this has a much more tolerable alcohol in it. Not to mention it's other good for your skin ingredients like fish collagen hydrolyzates and glycerine. Overall, this is the best thing I have ever used for acne, and I'm never going to stop using it. It's that good.
on 28/04/2013
This stuff works. Plain and simple. It's not too irritating at all. Just use a moisturizer. It is slowly but surely fading red marks. In like 2-3 months it should fade them pretty decently. I also have had no initial breakout after a month so far.