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on 04/05/2013
DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL, ive been on diane 35 for 7 months now and the cons definitely outway the pros. i was first taking the generic pill cyestra 35 for the first 6 months then switched to the diane 35 1 month ago to see if it was any different. Honestly, when I first starting taking cyestra my boobs got bigger and i gained 10 pounds. my acne got somewhat better but i was still getting zits so i decided to pay the few extra bucks for the diane. now after starting the diane a month and a half ago, ive gained another 10 pounds and my boobs are growing again. when i first started 7 months ago i was a size b now im almost a size d. Also when i was on the generic pill i was a little bit more moodier but ever since i started diane ive developed depression and have honestly considered killing myself a few times. These pills have made me crazy and although they help my skin some, im going to the doctor in a few days to see if its okay to stop them mid pack. I'm going to talk to my doctor about taking accutane, i'd rather take that for 6 months - to a year then be on these pills indefinitely!