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on 08/09/2014
I gave this 3 stars because it did help clear up my skin, but I think it was making me really sick. I loved that it cleared up my acne with out any scaring but my happiness was short lived. There are a host of side effects from Tetracycline. I gave up on the antibiotics and felt instantly better. It may be worth it for some people but not for me.
It didnt do anything.
on 08/09/2014
I have been seduced by those infomercials three different times. Each time I was left with the same amount of acne.
Would you use a flame thrower to light a candle?
on 08/09/2014
This stuff will help your skin to clear up, but it probably will remove a few layers of skin in the process. Its pretty strong. Also it's kind of expensive for the small amount you get. I would prefer the Acne.Org stuff, but that's not nearly as strong as this. I gave it three stars because it does help acne.
I get this when I forget to reorder the Acne.org face wash
on 08/09/2014
This is just a basic wash for sensitive skin. No sent, color, fancy stuff, Its not expensive, and its easy to find. It foams up nice. However, i gave it four stars because its not great at removing makeup. You will have to lather up twice if you have anything like makeup on.
on 09/03/2013
It didn't work for me. It gave me lots of new pimples. It will bring deep painful blemishes to the surface. I mixed it half and half with witch hazel and used it as an astringent. I gave up on after 4 months because my mom and boyfriend complained so much.