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on 08/03/2013
I've been using this for 3 days and I have already seen a difference in my skin. I have tried EVERYTHING known to man to heal my cystic acne. I am on Retinol for prevention and reduction of cysts and take a series of supplements (Fish oil, Folic acid, vit a, vit e, acidophilus, & zinc) along with this product as my face wash. I've noticed in the past with other washes, I was stripping my skin of all its natural oils which caused cystic acne. After using this for just three days I have no new break outs and healing of past breakouts. With other products I would have a purging period and my skin hated me! This has no purging period. It is so gentle and feels incredible. My face doesn't feel tight and like rubber anymore. I actually can feel my blood circulating again! I was scared to use something that didn't use suds like regular soap and water, but since I have tried everything else known to man, i figured why not just try this too. This is probably not going to work for people who have really oily skin. In my case, since I washed my face so vigorously in the past with so many different products, I dried my skin out. People kept telling me acne is caused by oil. And yes, for most people it is caused by oil. But there is a difference between oil that comes in contact with bacteria and oil that your skin naturally produces. BACTERIA causes breakouts, NOT OIL! I think the combination of Retinol at night and a good sunscreen during the day after washing my face with Albolene, is the way for me. I got the smaller tube from Walgreen's and i think it was about $6. THANK GOD!