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This moisturizer looks good on paper, but it will destroy your complexion and can make you break out. Avoid.
on 24/05/2014
I used this moisturizer for over a year between February 2013 and March 2014. I never bought it through Amazon so I can't comment on the shipping. The reason I used it so long is because of how great it looks on paper. The ingredients and formulation are all top notch. However, jojoba oil, the main component of this moisturizer, can and will make you break out if your skin doesn't like it. Contrary to what's Daniel Kern says, there's no such thing as a non-comedogenic oil that works for everyone because everyone's skin reacts differently.<br/>My skin did react negatively to the jojoba oil, but it took me a long time to realize that it was breaking me out. Once I stopped using this moisturizer daily, my breakouts stopped. The truth is you don't need to moisturizer if you have active acne and doing so make actually make your acne worse if your skin doesn't like the ingredients of the moisturizer you choose.<br/>And the licochalcone in this moisturizer, while very soothing, will turn your skin YELLOW. It takes a while, but this moisturizer will completely wreck your complexion and make you look like you have jaundice. Before I started using this moisturizer I was quite pale, but after a few months of using it consistently I had people asking me if I was using a spray tanner on my face. Even after 3 months of not using it, my skin still looks slightly yellow.<br/>The moisturizer also has a tendency to flake. Avoid this product. I swear by's cleanser and treatment, but this moisturizer is just really terrible and the consistently negative or so-so reviews prove that. However it seems like Dan is too dogmatic to realize that the overwhelming majority of his customers prefer his old moisturizer and absolutely despise this one.