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This might have helped my acne.
on 06/11/2013
I decided to go on Ortho-Tricyclen to help with my horrible cystic acne. I had been pregnant and wasn't able to try any birth control and had used creams and had been on antibiotics at one point. I went to the local women's clinic and they prescribed it to me. Not long after I started, almost instantly, I began to get VERY bad panic attacks. It really brought out the crazy in me! I've never felt so out of control mentally in my life. It was REALLY bad. After completing 1 week and 1 day of medication, I decided to quit after I ended up in the ER because of a panic attack (I do have some anxiety issues as it is, but this pill REALLY amplified them.). After going off I began to gradually see improvement in my skin. I did switch my face routine to cetaphil face wash (used with the oil of olay facial brush) and moisturizer, but I honestly think the pill had a lot to do with it, because I had cystic acne that was very deep and below the skin and often never came to a head, so no creams or washes could really penetrate that far down. It's November and I've been almost completely clear since the end of September. I have had a few pop up here and there, but only two or three and they were because I was lazy and didn't wash off my makeup and they were REGULAR, not cystic. I'm guessing the week that I spent on Ortho-Tricyclen perhaps made my hormones balance themselves out? I'm hoping my clear skin continues. I'll give it a four because it did seem to work and I really can't figure out what else it could have been, and it might be worth a try, but I have to at least take a star away because it really did make me feel horrible.