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  1. I have just looked at the list of foods high in phytoestrogens. Yup, I can't and don't eat any of those foods like soy, oats, beans, flax seeds, beer, etc. Pezerinno, I encourage you to definitely stop consuming foods that cause acne. Remember, the acne is just one symptom visible to you. These foods could be negatively affecting your internal body in ways that are invisible right now. It's frustrating to lose weight, but I think there are definitely some solutions for how to maintain weight even with so many restrictions. Can you let us know what foods you are able to eat without a problem? By the way, what's your experience with mature coconut? Fresh mature coconut is extremely calorie dense. (Avoid the pre-shredded dehydrated coconut, and get the one in the brown husk full of water).
  2. Snacks... WHAT TO DO?

    I relate! It's very difficult to maintain weight when we eat so carefully for clear skin. i also avoid nuts, beans, and chocolate. I like to eat avocado and fresh coconut because they are calorie-dense. I also eat a lot of organic fruit because fruit doesn't break me out. In fact the more fruit I eat, the more clear my skin is. What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and supper? Do you know how many calories you eat every day? This information can help us give you more feedback as to what you should be eating to maintain your weight.
  3. How do I get the motivation to eat healthy?

    I have also learned that acne is a choice caused by our lifestyle. When I eat a clean diet, my skin is flawless. Here are my suggestions for how to eat healthy: Make a plan: take a pen and paper and write down your reasons for eating healthy and how you are going to do it. Make a list of all the healthy foods you are going to eat like apples, berries, kale, cabbage, parsley, water, herbal tea etc. Make a list of all the foods you won't eat like McDonald's, Chinese take-out, cooking oils, gluten, refined sugar, dairy, etc. Make a promise to do your best to stick to the plan. Stick this plan on your bedroom door where you will see it every day. Set a goal: now that you have a plan, give yourself a goal to achieve. For example, set a goal to have clear skin in 6 months by following your plan. Every morning remind yourself of the goal, and promise yourself to be dedicated so that you can achieve your goal in time. Be responsible: Now that you have a plan and a goal, you have to be responsible. No one is going to cure your acne but you. Let your family eat junk food if that's what they want, that's their life. You have to prepare your own food. Be responsible for yourself. Make yourself a salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and avocado. Make a smoothie with kale and banana. Drink water instead of soda. Say no to fries. Say no to pizza. You are responsible for saying yes to good food. You are responsible for saying no to unhealthy food. Love yourself: Junk food tastes good, but you know it gives you bad results. If you know that gluten gives you acne, it's self-destruction to keep eating it. Love yourself and support yourself. Make good choices because you want yourself to be happy and beautiful.
  4. What Changes Should I Be Making?

    I am a vegan, and I would say you have correctly identified the problem. In my opinion, fresh whole foods like fruits and vegetables are our most important food source as humans. Legumes, grains, and potatoes are not as essential as leafy green vegetables and fruits. Refined sugar and artificial foods like cooking oils and factory-made "vegan meats" are simply bad for our body. Recommended foods: Breakfast: Practise intermittent fasting, and skip breakfast. Drink water. Lunch: salad with soft leafy greens like romaine lettuce or baby bok choy. Add cherry tomato, bell peppers, fresh herbs, and avocado. Use fresh lemon for salad dressing. Drink water or herbal teas Snack 1: fresh fruit, preferably organic Drink water or herbal teas Snack 2: smoothie made of fresh fruit and leafy greens like kale or mustard leaves Drink water or herbal teas Dinner: vegetable stew made of veggies like onion, garlic, ginger, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash. or whatever you have available in your location. No need to add any artificial oils (including olive oil). If you want to add fat, garnish your food with avocado or fresh coconut. After dinner drink water or herbal teas Try to eliminate all fake food. Any food manufactured in a factory and has a label containing more than two ingredients is a fake food. Try to get your vitamins and nutrients from fresh whole food and sunlight. Use website like to track your nutrient intake.