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Really works!
on 20/06/2015
I use Epiduo (Tactuo in Canada) alongside with Diane 35 to help control my hormonal acne. With the pill alone, I still manage to get a couple of pimples a month, especially before my period. Epiduo helps get rid of existing spots as well as preventing any new ones. Every night I use one pump of the stuff for my entire face and I never need any more. I did get a bit of an initial breakout but it wasn't bad. What I didn't anticipate was how red my skin would get. I think after 2-3 weeks the redness/IB subsided and I was starting to see results. It's also helped lighten up my PIH.<br/>One warning though, when you first start using it, it definitely thins your skin out. I was doing 40% lactic acid peels and I didn't take that into account - ended up giving myself a little burn. I've been using Epiduo for half a year now so I can do my peels without any damage, but beware!
Worth a try!
on 11/01/2014
I didn't get a terrible initial break out, but it took a WHILE to work. The first 4 months were always a tease! I'd be clear for a week and I'd get really excited, and then I'd break out right before my period and it was always SO bad, worse than when I hadn't started the pill. After that, it would clear up and my skin would feel so nice and smooth and I'd think it's working! And the cycle continued...<br/>But each time I "cleared up" from a break out, my skin DID look better than the previous time, it was just that I knew my skin would look bad again in like 2 weeks. At 5, I noticed that my skin hadn't broken out in over 2 weeks, so I was tentatively hopeful. The next 2 weeks following that, I did get a a couple spots on my chin and lower cheeks, but it was nothing compared to my regular break outs. Now I am 6 months and 1 week on Diane and I still haven't had a massive breakout! This is a victory for me! I will take having one or two tiny pimples on my jawline over a cluster on my cheek!<br/>The thing with Diane is you really have to be PATIENT! Sometimes you have to wait for more than 3 months - not everyone is that lucky to have clear skin within that time! I sure didn't, but I'm glad I waited! I only experienced some side effects: bigger boobs, increased appetite (only during the first 2 months though), and some hair loss (only b/w months 4-5 was it noticeable).
Good but doesn't really prevent breakouts
on 16/11/2013
I have moderate acne and have been prescribed clindoxyl twice - once when I was 16 and once recently. It worked a lot better when I was younger, but it still works now. It gets rid of big whiteheads really quickly, or at least shrinks them significantly overnight, and it has helped improve the overall quality of my skin. It isn't drying as long as you moisturise sufficiently. While it's good for active spots, it doesn't really do much in terms of preventing future breakouts. I'm using it as a topical alongside with Diane, so I'm not really counting on clindoxyl itself to clear my skin. I also think that my skin has become slightly immune to the clindamycin in clindoxyl, because after using it for several months, it seems less effective than when I initially started using it. Still a good product, but probably better for people with less severe acne (and there doesn't seem to be any initial breakout either!).