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Best treatment for cystic acne.
on 14/11/2013
Cleared my severe acne in a matter of a month and continued to be clear for a long time. But last resort, the side effects when being on the drug can be irritating.
on 23/10/2013
Best lotion I've tried. Works best as a night moisturizer in my opinion.
on 23/10/2013
Drank 2 and a half tablespoons a day for 3 months and it really helped my acne and made my skin look really good. Stopped drinking it for 3 months and got some minor breakouts occuring in that peroid of time. Began the ACV again and the breakouts faded. It also helped my hyperpigmentatgion alot.<br/>I also notiched when I was of the ACV, when I shaved I would get a lot more red and irritated - when I went on ACV again it stopped.<br/>Just make sure to mix it with plenty of water and drink through a straw - and drink it slowly, drinking it too fast can irritate your stomach.<br/>I'll recommend this.
Works really well
on 04/10/2013
Worked really good the 3 months I was on it. I can recommend this to people with mild acne - just make sure not to take it with dairy and, to get the possible best effect, take it 1 hour before a meal.