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on 09/02/2013
dan suggests to put a glob of this as a spot treatment if a blemish starts to form...this works great for me. if you have sensitive skin then 10 pct aha may be too strong for all over face, which i have not tried yet.
on 09/02/2013
i like it so much with the jojoba oil...i gave a bottle to my friend and she keeps thanking me. She and i had both stopped moisturizing because a lot of moisturizers clog pores...but not moisturizing really weakens skin and it becomes a downward spiral. i am so very happy to be moisturizing again.
on 09/02/2013
effective and is non comedogenic...
on 09/02/2013
I have combination reactive/ sensitive skin. i love using this product and it definitely helps and does not break me out i can break out easily. this did not make me break out and can be used on skin and hair... not greasy and absorbs quickly...i had used melvita jojoba before and i think that that clogged my pores.
on 09/02/2013
my skin is combination, ultra sensitive and reactive. initially great then I had to discontinue for daily use after several weeks stripped my lipid barrier, skin felt tight after washing. For a while I also used this as a shampoo. What I love and that preserves my lipid barrier is Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, Another non comedogenic wipe off (no water) option may be (Bioderma) Micellar water. Avoiding sodium chloride in shampoo and cleanser was a game changer.