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  1. Thank you! How much improvement do you think I can get?
  2. My scars are really severe but rolling ones so they are not so visible in this lighting. I have really deep pits when lighting is bad. I will upload new picture today so you don't think I am crazy
  3. I am in severe depression regarding my face, not going out for 1 month already, crying all days. I see lot's of rolling scars especialy when under light. You think TCA peel can even my skin dents or should I do something more agresive?
  4. Hi guys, can you please be honest and tell me how bad is this and what can be done. Can I expect at least 30% improvement?
  5. Update on my scars

    Hi guys, for now I did 2 dermaroller treatments without any change. I don't know what to.do next. My derm suggest Tca peel but I am thinking about phenol peel or fraxel. What do you think?