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on 28/01/2013
I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!! It makes my skin feel super clean and fresh. I love the smell of it and it is totally cheap. It feels very refreshing to clean your face with witch hazel and it makes your skin feel very tight and clean. I believe witch hazel is the best cleaner as I wash my face in the shower and then with witch hazel and a cotton ball. I always see remaining dirt on my face after my shower so I use this stuff all the time.
on 28/01/2013
This stuff works great!!! It unclogs my pores and also exfoliates the skin. Everytime I shower I wipe my face with my hands and I see the dead skin cells shed off my face and end up on my hands. It exfoliates the skin and makes your overall skin look brighter. It also sucks up oil really well and helps your face feel tight and clean.
on 28/01/2013
I've been drinking this stuff for 2 days and I already see a noticeably improvement in my skin. My cystic acne spots have dried up and my face looks less red after just 2 days. I definately recommend this product as I think cystic acne has more to do with diet than hormones, I no longer get whiteheads that used to plague me. I recently did a complete diet overhall and have cut out dairy and caffeine completely. After 2 days I see improvements already.