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on 21/01/2013
This is the only thing that has eliminated my oily skin and acne other than accutane. I have had acne for over 20 years and tried everything including accutane 3 times and all topicals, antibiotics and even lasers and blue light therapy.. The accutane worked wonders while on it but acne and oily skin always returned shortly after treatment. Vitamin D has all the benefits of accutane without any of the side effects. Do research on Vit D and you will find it is actually a hormone that is normally produced and absorbed in the skin by UV. Your body needs Vitamin D and if you are deficient it could be that your skin is creating excessive sebum to try and produce more Vitamin D. It's to complicated to begin to describe here but do some research online and you may find that your acne is due to Vitamin D deficiency. Give it a shot. It is cheap and you will know within a few weeks if it is working if your sebum production decreases or stops. Acne resolution could take longer if you have many whiteheads/blackheads that need to come up (just like accutane) but stick with it and you may see amazing results like I have. I take it with a Vitamin C as well.