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on 18/01/2013
This is not the choice for hormonal acne, and not my choice for topicals because it is so drying. My face would be dry and oily at the same time. Epiduo works better as a retinoid and is much less drying.
on 18/01/2013
This is the antibiotic that worked the best for me. It reduced the inflammation of my acne more than reducing the number of pimples. Minocycline is the only antibiotic that also helps reduce sebum production. Good for hormonal acne like mine, but spironolactone and saw palmetto work better.
on 18/01/2013
This medication worked moderately well, but I had to take an antidepressant with it (Zoloft). I have hormonal acne, and I have tried everything: accutane, all topicals, all antibiotics, fish oils, probiotics, and even levulinic acid. I am a pharmacist, so I am constantly trying to find new cures for my acne. Aside from accutane, spironolactone has worked the best for a prescription drug, decreasing my acne by about 50%. But I am now taking saw palmetto and it has done wonders in just 3 days.