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  1. I'm 21 now, i started breaking out when i was 12. I have Asian skin and my face used to get very oily. I've used the regimen for over 5 years and had great results, it cleared all of my whiteheads BUT i kept getting cystic acne. Slowly, over the years i stopped the cleanser and switched it out = still cystic acne. I switched out the moisturizer = still cystic acne. I never switched out the BP because i was too scared my whiteheads would be back. So over 3 years i kept switching out my cleanser and moisturizer, even adding in few medicine from the dermatologists. My diet was super clean, i cut out dairy for years, exercised a few times a week. nothing worked, i still had cystic acne. Finally i decided to stop BP after seeing many people on amazon reviews having the same issue.(infact, it's the most popular comment). I switched to Rugby 5% BP. my whiteheads came back for about a week before disappearing....and that's it.. no more acne... no more cysts...nothing.. for the last 4 months i've had about 2 small acne that went away in a day. I started eating junk food, added back dairy, stopped exercising as much, had bad sleep schedule - nothing, no acne.(though i would recommend just being healthy for health sake). I use Rugby BP twice a day after cleanser, then i put on Thayers witch hazel as a moisturizer (it's not supposed to be a moisturizer but it works for me plus it blends better with Rugby than the other moisturizers.) If you have the same issue please check the BP amazon product page and look at the top comment regarding cystic acne, that's how i learned about Rugby and finally gave up BP. Extra: I use 'TreeActiv cystic acne spot treatment' overnight whenever i get a cystic bump or feel an acne is coming up. This will clear my cystic bump overnight, saved me so many times. If the cystic acne persist, it will dry it out and slowly reduce it after few days(really weird because before then, my cyst needed to be popped to clear out). I would also suggest getting Nexcare acne absorbing cover. These little stickers thing you put on a popped acne will suck all the left overs over night and leave your acne spot flat in the morning. This helps stop popped acne from coming back. Then pop on some TreeActiv spot treatment, and bam done. Let me know your thoughts and if anyone had the same cystic acne issue. Now i just have to figure out how to get rid of years of scars.