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on 15/06/2017
I have mild-moderate acne (mostly hormonal) and have tried almost everything! I tried the regimen a few years ago but gave up after the first week when my skin started to get dry. After a few more years of frustration, I went in with the intention to stick it out and purchased a new kit. My skin WAS dry for the first 2 weeks but is now balancing out. I'm on week 3 and my acne has completely cleared up. I still have some bumps on my chin and red marks/scars, but all of my active acne is now gone. Now that my skin is clear, I've also found I've been able to stay clear with only nightly applications and occasional daytime applications (weekends, etc). I definitely recommend the AHA and a moisturizing oil (I've been using hemp seed oil instead of jojoba) to combat the extra dryness. Highly recommend. I will try to remember to update my review after a few more months.