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Perfect for the Regemin!
on 29/12/2013
I love this face wash! It doesn't ovedry your skin, but cleanses it thouroughly. This is great for Daniel Kern's regemin since using so uch BP dries out your face. I also used this while on prescribed topicals and it was wonderful. It comes out like a gel, but work it together good so it will lather. There is no scent which is good because fragrance irritates my skin. It's also oils free and great for sensisitve skin! At only $5, you really can't beat this!
Calms and softens
on 28/09/2013
I love the simple line all around. When I added this toner to my regimen my skin was softer, more supple, and my red marks have calmed down a lot. Perfect toner for me!
Perfect for oily skin
on 03/09/2013
I love this for my daytime moisturizer! I have oily skin and have always struggled to find a good daytime moisturizer that didn't leave me feeling greasy. This is perfect. It is so light, yet so moisturizing. My skin is soft, but not heavy and greasy. And also protected from the sun! My makeup goes on perfectly as we'll. I can't say enough good things about this product!
Not for me
on 10/06/2013
I bought this thinking it was the liquid version of the bar. Not even close! Completely different ingredients! I must have had an allergic reaction to it be I broke out in an itchy, eczema type rash in my eyelids a d the sides of my face. Waste of money for me.
on 18/04/2013
I loved my skin when it finally did clear up. But the side affects we're too much to handle for me. Once I ran out and didn't refill, the acne came right back.
on 25/01/2013
I've tried proactive at least three times. It never worked. The last time I used it was horrible. I saw no results after 2 months, it actually made my skin worse. Huge waste of money and time. Oh and they wouldn't give me my money back! Huge scam.