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on 11/06/2013
When i first started the regimen i didn't want to spend $45 on Dan's products and i also didn't know if BP was gonna help so i bought the BP from the drugstore as well as everything else. The drugstore BP was amazing as it helped clear my acne tremendously, the only reason it wasn't completely cleared is because i only did it ones a day. The BP is 100 times better because it spreads easier and gets absorbed faster and also when i used the drugstore one it dried white and came off with the moisturize, this BP has not dried me out as i use it in conjunction with the moisturizer (i have dry skin). Also some people say the BP doesn't work for them but there might be a reason. my friend was using BP and it did nothing for her but when she used salicylic acid it was wonderful for her but it did nothing for me. so just remember everyone's skin is different and maybe you should try the regimen just substitute the BP for salicylic acid and see how it works for you. Good luck :)