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on 08/01/2013
I used to use the CeraVe cream cleanser but my dermatologist suggested that I switch to the foaming cleanser. I was apprehensive because I thought it might be more drying but that hasn't been the case. Actually, I almost feel like it is more gentle and cleans my face better. Its great when paired with a harsh treatment like BP or retina-A. I also use the moisurizer. But it online... its cheaper!
on 07/01/2013
I have had some serious initial breakouts with this which has made it difficult to stick with. The only saving grace is that everything heals really quickly and nicely. Once the initial period (~6 weeks) is completed, everything should settle down. I can't wait to get there!!
on 07/01/2013
I've was prescribed this with Tretinoin to help with the initial breakout. It does not seem to help prevent acne, it just seems to help with the swelling, if that makes sense. I have actually stopped using this cream and started using BP instead as a treatment since the Tretinoin was giving me a horrible breakout. I'll conisider using it again if my skin gets better.<br/>Bottomline, I would recommend this to someone with ight acne. For me, it wasn't nearly strong enough.