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on 04/12/2012
used this as prescribed for over two months and saw little change in my skin. Didn't have any changes in my breasts or libido either, though I did have frequent mild headaches. Switched to "Perfect Skin" by Genuine Health and saw IMMEDIATE results, and also using Neostrata as I am severely allergic to BP. Perfect skin and Neostrata have worked wonders on my adult acne.
on 04/12/2012
I have had acne for 20+ years, and in my 30's it changed from the zits of my teens and early 20's to the typical jawline cystic/nodular acne that many adults have. I have tried every facial cleansing regimen out there and eat a healthy diet but always had at least half a dozen painful nodules and never clear skin. I started taking Beautiful Skin and after a few weeks have not had ONE CYST OR NODULE! This is awesome for me. I still have the odd little zit but it comes to a head quickly and doesn't scar like my nodules did. This combined with glycolic acid in Neostrata for my facial cleansing routine has given me the best skin I've had in years. I do notice if I take the second dose at bedtime I take longer to fall asleep, so I've started taking it at dinner instead.