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Serious results, with a serious price
on 14/10/2013
I took accutane 50mg pills for 5 months when I was 17 y/o. I have to say my acne was not severe, but I had literally tried EVERYTHING... every cream, antibiotics, all that useless stuff that never worked. By the end of my 5 month cycle (which was ended a month early by my dermatologist, due to my increased lack of concentration and ability to focus) my acne was completely gone. It's now 5 months later and still, no acne minus a random small pimple here and there around the time of my period.<br/>The side effects I experienced felt horrible during those 5 months, however. My skin was so sensitive, I would have brutal looking scratches on my body from simply drying myself with a towel. I had the typical extremely dry lips, dry skin, and constant nose bleeds from a dry nose. My night vision decreased significantly and my vision worsened quite a bit (only while on the drug, returned to normal after). The worst side effect that I noticed about 1.5 months into treatment was a lack of focus and concentration. When I finally told my dermatologist about this he was quite concerned and wanted me off the drug. Since then, everything has returned back to normal.<br/>Accutane has also left me with terrible acne scars on my face, and I mean red marks all over the side of my face that broke out the worst, and also scars on my body due to my skin being so sensitive and not healing as fast anymore.<br/>All in all, I couldn't be happier with the results but being on accutane was definitely a terrible time for me.