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  1. Hey Pizza Face, please listen to me. I was in your shoes exactly. Stop doing anything to your skin. Leave it alone. The reason your skin has gotten so bad is because of all the shit you've been doing to it for the past 5 years. You say you moisturize twice a day?? Stop it! Stop all of it! Your skin needs to heal. I imagine that the worst areas of your face also happen to be the ones where you apply the most products. This is because you keep making them worse with products but you continue to use the products because you think that's what's gonna help, when in fact it's what's causing everything in the first place. Trust me! I went through this. After years of using products and picking, I stopped everything. My skin got GROSS and every part of me thought it's not working and that I'm only making my skin worse and that I need to use cleanser, or moisturizer, or some topical. But I didn't, I pushed through. It's been 10 months now, and my skin is starting to look normal, even very attractive again!!! It feels like a miracle but it's not. It took 10 months of letting my skin repair itself because your skin naturally wants to be healthy. It doesn't need moisturizer and tretinoin and shit. Just let it be. It's gonna be hard. Your skin will get nasty. It's basically needs to scab over (the dead skin mask) and heal from underneath. It's the only way. Trust me. I'm 31. I lost a long part of my life fighting something that didn't even have to exist in the first place. You're young, this doesn't have to define your life. Stop doing anything to your face. Maybe some water here and there. And if you have to exfoliate a bit, then do it. But you need to let it go through its natural healing process, and unfortunately, sometimes it's not too pretty. But it will be worth it. And when you begin to see your skin starting to heal and you get hope back that one day you won't have to struggle with this anymore, it will be worth it. I wish you the best!