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Aloe vera truly works!
on 21/05/2014
Hello everyone,<br/>I have suffered from acne since 20 years, and have gone through hell, have taken antibiotics, accutane, etc etc nothing worked except homeopathy, however even with that I do suffer from an outburst of acne during my periods.<br/>Just 2 months ago, I bought aloe vera plant for my garden, googled and found that it's suppose to be good for acne, decided to make a toner with the following ingredients...<br/>Manuka honey<br/>Organic green tea<br/>Little bit of organic apple cider vinegar<br/>And aloe gel from my plant<br/>I put it in the fridge, I make just the amount to last me for 10 days, and believe me it's worked miracles for my skin (which is super oily) my skin glows, have had compliments from my colleagues. Am soooo happy. I don't follow any particular diet but I have stopped taking medicines or supplements because I believe my body needs a break from all of this.<br/>Just wanted to share this with u guys.
on 18/11/2012
I have been suffering from moderate acne since 12 years, have been once on accutane which cleared my skin for 5 years and then relapsed again, was reluctant to take it again given the side effects hence tried various homeopathic and holistic remedies but none have worked as well as zinc, it's amazing for the skin and acne, took it for 2 weeks and my skin had never looked so well, started with 50 mg zinc gluconate from Solar then reduced it to 25 mg (splitting the tablet in two), however I started getting unexplained fever, flu like symptoms and pulsating headaches, was sleepy all the time, I figured out that since I added zinc in my regime, that could be causing it. Hence I had to stop taking it. Pls be aware of overdosing on it and its severe side effects, it'd rather live with acne.