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on 18/04/2013
I used real african black soap imported from Ghana so that might be the reason it broke me out. Commercial black soaps aren't usually black soap at all. People said there was a purging period, but I personally don't believe in "purging" and the day I stopped using it I saw a significant decrease in pimples.
on 18/04/2013
I use unrefined shea butter imported from Africa. That is the only shea butter anyone should use, and it is 100% non comedogenic. If you put it on lightly it won't leave a greasy look, and when you want a deeper moisturization you can just put some more on. It's soothing and cheap and the only moisturizer besides Dan's that I love.
on 18/04/2013
I am looking for a cleanser that clears my skin, doesn't make me red or flake out. This does that, even though it's not perfect.
on 27/11/2012
I used this system for about three months, within the first month my skin was SO clear. But the drying was bad, and since it didn't come with a moisturizer I didn't think it'd be wise to use one, therefore the dryness was bad. Kind of scaly actually. The smell of the cream began to give me headaches, and i believe that toners are useless. :b So i kind of dwindled off this product, and i know that the Regimen will be more effective, so i won't miss it. But those things are personal and might be different for others.
on 27/11/2012
I bought this cleanser in hopes that using less products would help my skin. It seemed to do fine in the beginning but didn't do much a little bit after. I would recommend though to someone with light/mild acne. Mines mild/moderate. Because it does make your skin feel soft and your skin tone even and keep the really tiny bumps away.